Our Services

We work hard to always establish a good, easy, working relationship,
where communication is paramount.

What we can do for you:

Product Development

We work with leading edge manufacturers that can take your concept and turn it into a reality! From there, we work with you through to commercialization and market performance to ensure that your product’s effectiveness remains strong.


Turn your brand into a brand name. We always keep in mind that we are creating a brand, with line extensions, so you can gain your customers trust and loyalty.

Social Media/Internet Marketing

We have experience in all areas of social media building a community of awareness for your brand.

Script Writing

More then a service, it’s a science! We just don’t crank out a script. Whether it’s a short form spot or a half hour infomercial, we research the target audience and the latest marketing trends related to your product for guaranteed success! We closely examine what worked in the past, discover the unique selling proposition of your product, and then carefully craft each and every second into a hard selling, award winning script filled with amazing demo’s, emotional testimonials, and incredible product value that will have every viewer picking up the phone to order- we guarantee it!

Celebrity Endorsements

We have relationships and extensive experience working with celebrities ranging from Angie Everhart, Bruce Jenner, Bridget Marquardt, to Natalie Kahn, Dara Torres, the Boz, and many more!

Testimonial Development

We develop testimonials so they have real live reactions to your product, creating a lasting impression and building integrity for your product.


Our extensive production capabilities allow us to work across the United States and Europe and to travel virtually anywhere in the world to meet your product’s needs. We utilize top of the line houses for most short form commercials, and state of the art studios with customized sets for half hour infomercials. Our set designers are capable of making any dream a reality–from five star kitchens (Smartware) to hot, big city backgrounds (Bun & Thigh Max) to 10 different locations in one (Five Star), our sets are best in the business!

Post Production

We have the best editors in the world, with international as well as domestic experience in both programming and commercials.


Our animation is state of the art, and no one does it better! In post is where the magic happens, and we guarantee you will be thrilled when your sales boom.