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What we can do for you:

Writing & Consulting


Tara has written over a 500 award-winning, top selling scripts. She also has written TV programs, web content, Ecommerce content, sales videos, show content, (homework assignments- kidding) and more! If you have an idea that you would like to turn into a reality give Tara a call today!

And be sure to ask about our consulting services. Tara can help consult in every area from initial concept, through marketing and final retail packaging. With over 20 plus years in the marketing industry Tara has a proven track record for creating winning products and brands. She has worked with the top brands on the market: Gymform, Skinnie, Genie, Velform, Contour Living and more! All of which have sold billions of dollars both domestically and internationally and your company can be next!

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Production of Commercials & Infomercials


Tara Productions is one of the few companies that can do both short form and long form successfully. She will turn your brand new product into a brand name virtually overnight. And unlike most companies, Tara knows the difference between marketing a product and creating a brand. She keeps the big picture in mind, while creating the desire for your product. From scripting to final edited masters Tara Productions shows are simply sell the best! Our testimonials, demos and irresistible offers make your product the winner! But don’t take our word for it, turn on the TV or check out retail and see for yourself. Her latest show generated $450 million and still counting!
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Social Media/Digital Marketing & E-commerce

In today’s ever changing market place, digital marketing isn’t just part of the plan; it’s the key to the plan, and it’s so exciting! The ability to reach millions through creative e-commerce platforms is what the “Tara Geek Team” lives for! Tara strategically shoots and preps for an ongoing online presence so your product and brand are constantly on the minds of the consumers and in their phones, tablet, iPhone or whatever electronic device they have! The results are extreme sales and brand awareness. Talk to Tara today so that you can get every area of e-commerce successfully promoting your product!

Testimonial & Product Development

Whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur, establish brand or major marketing company, Tara offers services in both product and testimonial development both of which are key to creating the desire to order your product and ensure longevity and continuity of your line. Tara is a master at getting emotional, heart-felt, passionate testimonials from your target group to ensure an instant response and bonding with your product. Just take a look at work and see for yourself!

Web content & Blogs

Web pages, blogs, landing pages, sales driven emails- Tara loves to write! And she’s amazing at it! So if you want an amazing website or blog, or anything else that can sell like no other, look at blogs or call Tara today!

Original Programming

Tara Productions thrives are creating original programming and original story lines. If you are looking to develop an infomercial, a show, a talk show, a reality show, a scripted show or a movie then contact Tara today. And if you are looking for content – just ask! Tara has brilliant treatment written for current series and movies just waiting to be produced! She would love to turn your ideas into a reality so you can get some popcorn, sit back and watch your dream come true!

Fixing Shows

An expert in fixing shows and known as the “Doctor” of Direct Response, Tara has taken a show that hasn’t performed well and turned it into an overnight success, over and over again – and she can do the same for you! Tara initially transformed the Ab Doer into a billion dollar success and has been doing the same since! Her latest transformation includes: trend-setting celebrity lines, well-known kitchen brands, Sephora beauty lines and the Genie Line. So wipe the dust off those masters you have given up on and call Tara today for a free consultation. Who knows there might be millions of dollars just waiting to be made!