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At Tara Productions, our mission is simple: to transform your product into the next big hit. We are masters at creating captivating content that resonates across all platforms.

Whether it’s through direct to consumer commercials, impactful story telling content, series productions, or engaging social media presentations, we bring your brand’s vision to life, driving unprecedented sales and brand success!

Let’s Create Entertainment Magic Together!

Writing & Consulting

Nobody writes better than Tara Productions. And we write it all! From hard selling scripts to landing pages to incredibly fascinating content that will have you on the edge of your seat! After gathering research and detailed selling propositions necessary to engage your target audience, we can bring your ideas to life. Our experienced team of writers and consultants collaborate with you to craft compelling narratives, develop engaging content strategies, and provide valuable insights to enhance and turn your products and ideas into number one hits!

Production of Commercials & Infomercials

We specialize in producing captivating commercials and infomercials that grab attention and drive results. From concept development to casting, shooting and post production, we handle every aspect of the production process to create powerful, visual story SELLING that leaves a lasting impact and sells millions!

Testimonial & Talent Development

Our testimonial and talent development are second to none! Our testimonials stand out, we are simply the best in the business! We create amazing User Generated Content and authentic testimonials that highlight the credibility and uniqueness of your product. We work with the bests hosts and celebrities in the business- to give your production the competitive edge it needs to be a global success.

Story Selling

In the exciting realm of story selling, we harness the power of storytelling to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Through strategic narratives, emotional engagement, and a unique format coupled with impactful visuals, we help you create a powerful brand story that resonates and drives consumer action.


In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, we provide comprehensive production services to optimize your online presence. From content creation, to persuasive marketing strategies, we help you maximize your e-commerce potential and drive conversations. Our posts get more attention than any others because we are the experts you want behind your campaign!

Original Content, Program & TV Series

With our expertise in original content creation, programming and TV production, we bring your vision to life on the small screen or the big screen! Any screen- this is our passion! This is where we excel, which means you and your dreams excel too! From developing exciting concepts to executing seamless production, we create spellbinding, unique content that captivates audiences and keeps them coming back for more!

Corporate Sales & Specialized Video Productions

Our corporate sales videos are amazing, creative, and fun to watch! What’s more, they effectively communicate your brand’s message, products, or services to your target audience. Through compelling story telling, professional visuals, and persuasive narratives, we help you engage and inspire potential clients, driving business growth to new heights! We also offer specialized video production to meet your unique needs, because we are the best! So, ask about our Story Selling documentaries, or award-winning training videos, and any other video that is unique to help bring your ideas to fruition!

Full Campaign & Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive campaign development, including in-depth market research, product positioning, offer building, testing and target audience discovery. We work closely with you to create a cohesive campaign strategy that encompasses every aspect of your product or service, ensuring maximum impact and results. We also offer full campaign consulting services to guide you through the entire process from initial concept, to media buying, to distribution, retail services and more! Our priority is to ensure the success of your campaign at every stage.


Tara Productions makes Every Second Sell!
We keep up with modern trends and the rapidly changing market on all platforms and in all categories… We see the big picture and predict global marketing trends… Then we use hard selling copy, exciting demo’s, and create an irresistible offer to make your product or brand stand out and become recognized worldwide.


If you have a fitness product you want to brand- you owe it to yourself to call Tara Productions first.   With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of proven hit fitness shows- your’s can be next!  But don’t take our word for it, look at our product list (AbSculptor, AbDoer, Ab Circle Pro,  Abs Around Pro, Total Abs,  Squat Perfect, Vertical Gym, CoreMax, Power Pulse and many, many more!) and see for yourself!   No one does fitness better- Call Tara for a free consultation today!  

Discover why Tara Productions is the go-to-choice for fitness branding. Call us today for a free consultation and be on your way to becoming the next big sensation in the fitness industry.


At Tara Productions, we are a team of talented women who excel at selling beauty products like no other! Our shows consistently top the best-selling lists, both domestically and internationally. Witness the power of our latest hits, and see why we are trusted by leading beauty brands. When it comes to beauty, Tara Productions knows how to captivate audiences and drive sales with the added allure of Celebrity endorsements. Take the first step towards beauty success by calling us for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can make your product the number one choice on the market!


With our expertise in all categories and gadgets, Tara Productions has created countless successful commercials in this category. From organizing closets and transforming spaces to showcasing the latest innovative power tool and of course our latest in sleep improvement, the Contour Swan. Our shows have captured audiences’ attention and driven remarkable results. Join the ranks of our millions of satisfied customers, from those seeking a better night’s sleep to those looking for practical solutions. If you have a product that solves a problem, let us solve your marketing problems! Contact us today for a free consultation and start making millions with Tara Productions.


For the past 25 years, Tara Productions has been at the forefront of the kitchen category, creating the best brands for renowned pots, pans, knives, slicers, blenders, and juicers. Our success has been amplified with the involvement of celebrity talent, who bring their charm and expertise to our shows. From the iconic Tony’s Miracle Blade to Mr. T’s FlavorWave, our brands are instantly recognizable.

The secret ingredients: It starts with a great product and story, next add some amazing demo’s, a few celebrity chefs and finish with an irresistible offer- Then mix it all together in a blender and pour out a hit!

Experience the magic of our kitchen demos and when you are ready for your next huge success, call Tara Productions!


Want to see more demonstrations of our work, or are you ready to make millions?

Have a show that’s not selling or a campaign that missed the mark? Bring it to Tara Productions to turn it into a winner. We have fixed hundreds of shows and turn failed campaigns into multi million dollar successes! Call now to get a free consultation with Tara directly to see how your show can be fixed!

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