Every Second Counts


The mission of Tara Productions is to be a leader in creative marketing,
turning your brand or product into a brand name that sells millions
virtually overnight.


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Fixing Shows

Have a show that’s not selling or a campaign that missed the mark? Bring it to Tara Productions to turn it into a winner. We have fixed hundreds of shows and turn failed campaigns into multi million dollar successes! Call now to get a free consultation with Tara directly to see how your show can be fixed!

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Tara Productions makes Every Second Sell!
We keep up with modern trends and the rapidly changing market on all platforms and in all categories… We see the big picture and predict global marketing trends… Then we use hard selling copy, exciting demo’s, and create an irresistible offer to make your product or brand stand out and become recognized worldwide.


If you have a fitness product you want to brand- you owe it to yourself to call Tara Productions first.   With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of proven hit fitness shows- your’s can be next!  But don’t take our word for it, look at our product list (AbSculptor, AbDoer, Ab Circle Pro,  Abs Around Pro, Total Abs,  Squat Perfect, Vertical Gym, CoreMax, Power Pulse and many, many more!) and see for yourself!   No one does fitness better- Call Tara for a free consultation today!  


We are a team of talented WOMEN! We know how to sell beauty better than the rest! And our shows prove it. They are at the top of the best selling list both domestically and internationally! Check out our latest hits: Naked Nails, The Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen, Velform Cover, Genie Brand, Hair Erase, Celluwrap, Styler and many, many more! Then call us for a free consultation to see how we can make your product #1!


We have created hundreds of successful commercials in this category! Tara Productions can organize your closet in seconds (Hook N Hang), transform your home (Five Star Power Tool) and make you sleep better than you ever had in your life… (Contour PowerBed) We can even grow plants faster (Harvest Gold) and keep your pets entertained! (Cheese Tease) And that’s just the beginning… If you have a product that solves a problem, let us solve your marketing problems! Call today for a free consultation and start making millions!


For the past 20 years, Tara Productions has been putting the “sizzle” in the Kitchen category! Creating the brands for the most famous pots & pans, knives and blenders out there! From Chef Tony’s Miracle Blade to Mr. T’s Flavorwave (still going strong years later!) these brands are instantly recognizable. The secret ingredients: It starts with a great product and story, next add some amazing demo’s, a few celebrity chefs and finish with an irresistible offer- Then mix it all together in a blender and pour out a hit! Check out our demo and  then call Tara Productions for your next huge success!


Want to see more demonstrations of our work, or are you ready to make millions? Call for a free consultation today:
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