reportThe commercial is great, but it’s really all about the demos, and the creative team nailed every one —
including many that wouldn’t even have occurred to me. Read more »

Jordan Pine

Hit Maker

Every Second Sells

In an industry where only 1 out of every 10 spots produced works, Tara Productions has the unbelievable track record of 7 hits out of every 10 spots produced! That’s because Tara Productions spends time making it right. We make every second count. This means dollar for dollar, second for second, our clients get better results! We are one of the few companies that can do both short and long form successfully.

But don’t take our word for it, turn on the TV and see for yourself! In short form you’ll see the Euro Sealer, Enleve Hair Remover, the AbDoer, the AbSlide, Flip Fold, Inches Off, Snap Hook and more! In infomercials you’ll see the Smartware, Ab Rev, Ab King, Five Star Power Tool, the AbDoer, the AbAway Pro, Bun & Thigh Max, Smart Abs and more! Just in the last two years Tara Productions has generated over $1billion dollars in sales for our clients and you can be next!

Production Services

From a Brain Storm to a Brand Name.

Tara Productions can help you create the perfect product and develop it from the drawing board to retail stores. We have unlimited access to every service you need including concept development, product manufacture, commercial production, back end marketing support, fulfillment, packaging, promotion, television production, home-shopping channels, media buying, website development, logo design, continuity programs, print advertising, U.S. retail distribution, and even international distribution.

If you have an idea, a product, or even an existing infomercial that may not be performing as well as you like, Tara Productions is your all-in-one solution. If we take on your product, we’ll ensure it has a full-scale marketing effort that generates maximum sales, brand name recognition, and the longest shelf life possible!