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Happiest Clients Ever!

At Tara Productions we put our clients first. Not only will we give you our undivided attention when it comes to producing a hit for your product, but we also provide you with great client service!

A team that loves to create.

You are in great hands! Tara Productions has both domestic and international clients, so communication is key! We understand you can’t always come to the shoot, but we will make you feel comfortable every step of the way. When its your product, and your money – we make every second count!

Tara has had 20 plus years of creating and selling in virtually every category. She can take your ideas, your visions, and your goals and turn them into reality. Tara Productions utilizes every platform to get your message and product out there- from television to e commerce, to retail, and in today’s market- direct to consumer.

In today’s pandemic, we offer companies like yours the ability to continue to market through utilizing our streamline crew. A very small team of professionals. keeping socially distant, yet continuing to operate to shoot your product and deliver it’s unique selling proposition. We have a proven way to get testimonials from people directly from their homes. We also work with virtual sources to deliver the same amazing top quality shows that have put us on the map from conception to now, and continue to create the top selling brands you see in the market place. Finally, in light of the crisis, we have lowered our rates, so that you can continue to reach your goals.

And that is why we have the happiest clients ever! I am not sure how long this crisis will last but Tara Productions is here to help you through it in any way we can. Stay healthy, keep stress at bay as much as you can. Keep dreaming, keep creating! And please call us anytime!


The time to shoot and market to the consumer is now!

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Chris UK

Well done Tara Productions! You hit the nail on the head, this will sell millions.

Scott Florida

Wow! Tara Productions did a great job! Their work continues to impress me, setting the bar higher than ever before!

SciMark Report

The commercial is great, but it’s really all about the demos, and the creative team nailed every one- including many that wouldn’t even have occurred to me.

Michael TX

We always say, behind every successful man is a woman- well Tara is my secret weapon. She is able to turn 30 seconds into billion dollar commercials.

We also continue to fix shows that have a high CPO and turn them into multi million dollar hits!

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