About Us

Happiest Clients Ever!

At Tara Productions, we put our clients first.  Not only will we give you our undivided attention when it comes to producing a hit for your product, but we will also provide you with great client service.

We are with you every step of the way.  Communication is key!  We have both international and domestic clients, so we understand that you can’t always be with us on a shoot. We know how valuable your time is, so we make it a point to keep in contact with you, so that you can feel comfortable every step of the way.

When we prepare a script, we do the research, we listen to what out clients have to say, then put it all in a blender, and write the best script ever!

If we are doing a 30 minute program, we audition our hosts with your script, so you know you have the best host ever.

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Well done Tara Productions! You hit the nail on the head, this will sell millions.

Chris UK

Wow! Tara Productions did a great job! Their work continues to impress me, setting the bar higher than ever before!

Scott Florida

The commercial is great, but it’s really all about the demos, and the creative team nailed every one- including many that wouldn’t even have occurred to me.

SciMark Report

We always say, behind every successful man is a woman- well Tara is my secret weapon. She is able to turn 30 seconds into billion dollar commercials.

Michael Texas

We are committed to making your product the next Billion dollar hit. We’ve done it before and we can do it for you!