How to Create a Brand that Lasts for Decades.

How to Create a Brand that Lasts for Decades.Be the Vinyl Record I know you can be!
Are you creating a brand or brands?  Do you want longevity?  Ask yourself, would you rather be a CD or a Vinyl Record?   Let’s take a look and compare CD’s that are becoming extinct to Vinyl records that are breaking all kinds of record in sales, pardon the pun!  Let’s see what it takes to be a record and what this means to you when creating a lasting brand.
1.  Vinyl records are expected to last for hundreds, even thousands of years.CD’s oxidize and have a life span of 20-100 years.
2.  Vinyl records have better sound quality, over CD’s.  The hum of the needle along with the record adds depth and warmth, dare I say romance to listening.
3.  Nostalgia.  Vinyl records brings us back to the good old 60s & 70s, the way we used to listen to music.
4.  Packaging.  Vinyl records sleeves are nicer to look at compared to CD’s.  Some people even buy vinyl just because they love the packaging.
5. Valuable.  Of all the music formats, vinyl has the most value.  Vinyl records could sell 10 times their original price 20 years from now.  Wow, where else can you get that return in music?
So what did we learn? According to Vinyl records – a lasting brand should include:A.  A better overall experience then the competitive brand. People will chose a brand that’s beautiful and substantial.
B.  Consumers not only buy for need but for Nostalgic reasons.  Create a brand that brings the consumer back to family memories.  Evolve to a community, adding notes with your packaging letting them know you care!
C.  Create value.  Consumers will choose aesthetically appealing products, over the competition.  Take a look at the Copper Pans, they are truly beautiful to look at and the color is perfect for any kitchen.  
D.  And don’t forget to add a lifetime warrantee or at least a 30 day money back guarantee.  The consumer wants to know you’re a brand that going to be around for the long term.
And don’t despair – Digital music is here to stay, but if you had to pick between owning a vinyl record or a CD… well you might just choose Vinyl.  And the next time someone calls you a broken record- you might just thank them!  After all, you and your brands are here for longevity and we are here to help you!